Zapier surfaces the following Bluetick capabilities.


A Trigger configures Zapier to listen for specific events to occur in Bluetick. When those events occur, Bluetick reaches out and notifies Zapier of that event and includes several pieces of related information. That information can then be used in additional Actions in your Zap.

  • Contact Added to Sequence: Triggered when a contact is added to the specified Sequence.
  • Contact Step Number Changed: Triggered when a contact moves from one step to another in a Sequence.
  • Contact Sent Email: Triggered when an email is sent to a contact.
  • Contact Reply Detected: Triggered when a reply is detected from a Contact.
  • Contact Reached Sequence Goal Manually: Triggered when the users marks a contact as Goal Completed. This may occur manually using the browser, via the API or via the "Contact Goal Reached" Zapier Action.
  • Contact Completed Sequence: Triggered when a contact completes all of the steps in a sequence without any other status updates. ie: Goal Reached, Do Not Contact, etc.


An Action configures Zapier to send data into Bluetick. The following Actions are available:

  • Create Contact: Create a new contact record in Bluetick. Note that although a contact can have more than one email address, the email address must be unique across all contacts.
  • Add Contacts To Sequence: Add one or more contacts to a Sequence. Note that a contact may only be added to a Sequence once.
  • Contact Goal Reached: Mark a contact in a specific Sequence as having reached the goal of that sequence.
  • Add Custom Field: Add a custom field to a contact record.


A Search allows you to find existing records in Bluetick. The following Searches are available:

  • Find Contact: Based on an Id or email address, look up the associated Contact in Bluetick.

Need More?

If you find that you need additional data returned to Zapier or additional functionality to be made available, please let us know at and we'll work with you to find a solution. All of the Bluetick capabilities are available directly from our API so if something is available in the application, it's possible to make it available in Zapier as well.