NOTE: If you are using a WhatsApp message scheduler, you are on the wrong website! That application is offered by a another vendor who has unfortunately chosen a product name which overlaps with We CAN NOT help you cancel your subscription with them.

If you wish to Cancel your subscription, please email us at from the email address of the subscription owner. When you cancel Bluetick, you can either Pause or Terminate your subscription.

Either option can be made effective immediately or at the end of the current billing cycle.


Pausing your subscription reduces the cost to $10/month per mailbox. If you have any intentions of returning to use Bluetick in the future, then you should probably Pause your account rather than Terminate it.

When you Pause your account, we maintain all of your Accounts, Contacts, Sequences, Mailboxes and other related information in our systems. During this time, your mailboxes will continue to be synchronized at a lower frequency, but emails will no longer be sent until your subscription is reactivated.

If you think you may return to Bluetick in the future, you should probably choose this option. Otherwise, you may need to start over from scratch.


If you choose to Terminate your subscription, you will continue to have access to Bluetick through the remainder of the billing period. At that time, your subscription will go through the following stages:

  • Stage 1: (End of Current Billing Period) Subscription is marked as Cancelled.
  • Stage 2: (60-90 days after Stage 1) Your data will be deleted from our primary systems. This includes our primary database and copies of emails that were sent or received from Bluetick. After this point, much of your data is unrecoverable!
  • Stage 3: (6 months after Stage 1) Our database backups will expire and no longer contain any of your data.

NOTE: For operational purposes, we cannot force Stage 3 to occur any earlier. We maintain a rolling 6-month window of database backups and it's not technically feasible to purge data from existing backups.


Why do I have to email you to cancel? That seems shady.
If you have trust issues, our founder spent 10+ years implementing company-wide security systems at major companies like UnitedHealth Group, Pfizer, Nasdaq, Johnson & Johnson and the Department of Defense (just to name a few). He could tell you stories that would probably make you want to give up the internet forever.

The simple answer is that it's a lot less nefarious than that. We're a really small company. We need to prioritize where we allocate resources and there are a lot of edge cases that come up when billing and data deletion is involved. Rather than try to anticipate every possible situation that could come up, we've decided to handle it manually until the volume of cancellations rises to the level that doing it manually is unsustainable.

Sending us an email isn't a big deal. Is it less than ideal? For sure. But there's no nefarious plot here. It's not as if we ask you for a phone number and require a call from a "Retention Specialist" to discuss your situation and how we can keep you as a customer. IMHO, that's shady and yes, there are vendors who do that.

Can you delete my data immediately?
For the most part, yes. We have a database and file storage system where your data can be purged within 24 hours. Bear in mind that this is NOT reversible. While the database data could be recovered, file storage system data cannot. Once data is purged from the file storage system, we can't get it back and your subscription is effectively destroyed.

Per the note in 'Terminate' section, we cannot purge your data from our database backups. It will naturally cycle itself out in six months. However without the file storage system data, your account is effectively destroyed and would not work properly because the database will refer to locations in the file storage system which no longer exist.

What if I email you to cancel and I'm billed while you're still handling the cancellation?
Per our guiding principles, we want to do what's right for our customers. If you're terminating your account, we'll issue a refund. If you're pausing, we can either issue a refund or turn it into a credit towards the Paused account.

How do I reactivate my subscription after I've paused it?
Simply email us at and ask to have your subscription be reactivated. The billing will be run for the coming month and you can pick up exactly where you left off.