Contacts can be imported using a comma-separated-value(CSV) file. In the Import navigation menu, you will find a template that you can use to import new contacts. The following fields are available:

  • FirstName - 64 characters max
  • LastName - 64 characters max
  • Email - 256 characters max
  • Phone - 32 characters max
  • TitleOrPosition- 64 characters max
  • Company - 256 characters max
  • Tags - 128 charactes max for each tag. See below for formatting.
  • CustomFields* - Name: 50 characters max. Value: 1024 characters max.
NOTE: Including Custom Fields in the template is optional. See below for details, as the heading will be different for each Custom Field.

Common Import Problems

The most common problems encountered during an import are as follows:

  • The maximum length of a field has been exceeded
  • A header row was not included or all of the required column header names were not found in the import file. Many times, this is the result of a space or underscore being added into the column header such as "First Name" instead of "FirstName".


If you wish to add more than one tag to a Contact during the import, then the Tags field should use a comma separated list of tag names enclosed in double quotes to indicate the tag names are all part of the "Tags" column.


Removing Tags

If you wish to delete a tag from a Contact, then you should prefix the name of the tag with a 'dash' character.

In the following example, tag1 will be added if it doesn't exist and tag2 will be removed if it already exists.

Custom Fields

You can optionally apply Custom Fields to a Contact during the import process by appending an additional column for each Custom Field with a prefix of "cf_".

Joe,User,,,,,"tag1,tag2",,This is my second custom field

Using Custom Fields in an Email Sequence

Custom Fields for a Contact may also be used inside of an email template by referring to the Custom Field name from the Liquid template engine.

Hi {{ contact.first_name}},
We met last week at {{}} and I wanted to reconnect with you.