When an email is received, Bluetick runs through a series of algorithms in an effort to classify the message and determine the appropriate actions to take. Some of these messages will be identified as an 'Out of Office' message.

Messages classified as 'Out of Office' responses to emails from a Sequence should be ignored.

Miscategorized Replies

Unfortunately, there is not a standard that everyone uses when sending Out of Office messages. Users commonly customize these messages so we must use a variety of techniques to identify and ignore these types of emails. However it is not foolproof.

If you receive an 'Out of Office' response to an email from a Sequence and the Contact is incorrectly marked by Bluetick as having responded, then you need to do the following:

1) Forward the entire contents of the email to support@bluetick.io with a note indicating that the Out of Office reply was incorrectly flagged as a response. We will review the response and adjust our algorithms accordingly.
2) In the Sequence, go into the Pending Replies section.
3) Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the Contact.
4) Use the Action "Send contact back to Step X"